Найчастіше під метавсесвітом розуміється якась суміш віртуальної та доповненої реальності з реальним світом. Тобто це гіпотетичне злиття різних форм цифрової «реальності» з власне тією реальністю, яку ми вважаємо справжньою. Що із цього може вийти?

Важливою особливістю Метавсесвіту стане можливість взаємодії людей, які перебувають у різних місцях реального світу, але завдяки технологіям доповненої чи віртуальної реальності почуватимуться поблизу один одного, ніби взаємодіючи в єдиній реальності.

There’s no doubt that the metaverse economy is going to grow—and become big. With global metaverse revenue forecasted to 8 trillion and driven by millions of visitors, brands that focus on them, particularly premium ones, VucoWorld has been able to foster a sense of community as well as Pre-sell $130,000,000 million in digital Land in its new metaverse using their own crypto token VucoCoin. 


Тож ловіть ексклюзивчик від VucoWorld – зустрічайте Super Hero Hungry Hippos!

Branding executives say that VucoWorld has created a brand loyalty among younger customers selling NFTs of their products in the metaverse. The most recent minted and called “Super Hero Hungry Hippos” which is a new creation. Also, “NFT Stats” just wrote an article on the new hippo brand.


“SHHH” stands for the Super Hero Hungry Hippos. These Hippos have a limited mint of 10,000 and all have unique hippo powers. The SHHH, Hippos all have different degrees of rarities and some more powerful then others. SHHH, Hippos move in and around the waters of the world using their special power to become the masters of the water world and the universe.

Придбати NFT-версії “SHHH Hippos” Super Hero Hungry Hippos уже можна на онлайн-ринку несумісних токенів OpenSea.


Moreover, VucoWorld will become a major revenue stream for people who own land inside. It isn’t an exaggeration; several luxury brands such as Balenciaga, D&G, and Rebecca Minkoff are showing the way. They have launched digital products that can be bought in-game; launched limited-edition NFT collections; and created branded worlds. 

Last week, Nike announced that it would create a new virtual world, Nikeland, on the metaverse platform Roblox. Modeled after its real-life headquarters, Nikeland will consist of stadiums, fields, and arenas, where players can compete in dozens of virtual games such as tag and dodgeball. They will even be able to dress their avatars in the latest Nike sneakers and apparel, which they will buy at a virtual shop nested in the platform. 

The concept of the VucoWorld metaverse is no longer under the radar!


Powered by a more potent generation of microchips, VR headsets enable VucoWorld builders to collect a variety of novel data—how people’s legs, hands, and bodies move, when the pupils of their eyes contract and expand, how their minds react—from users that visit metaverses. A 2018 Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab paper estimated that 20 minutes in a VR simulation allows almost 2 million body language recordings. 

«Спочатку робіть, що потрібно. Тоді – те, що можливо. Лиш тоді ви побачите, що робите неможливе».

VucoWorld is one of the first companies to collect and analyze data when people’s avatars use their virtual products or interact with employees’ avatars in their virtual stores will enjoy an edge. They will have more data than later entrants, be able to refine data-driven insights over time, and be able to negotiate from a position of strength with companies that need to access their data. 


Пориньте у захоплюючу подорож з VucoWorld!

Companies can use the VucoWorld metaverse to share ideas and advanced concepts with potential users; codesign virtual prototypes; and get feedback from a variety of consumers. Doing so could accelerate product development cycles, and help predict whether innovations will succeed or fail. In addition to familiarizing young people with VucoWorld products, business could plant the seeds of long-lasting relationships. 

In October, for example, Hyundai Motor launched Hyundai Mobility Adventure, a shared virtual space on Roblox in which avatars can experience Hyundai’s offerings and communicate with each other. They can test-drive Hyundai’s new vehicles and transportation solutions; operate robotic vehicles and urban air-mobility devices; and participate in several social activities and experiences. 

VucoWorld metaverse will become part of our daily lives, not every company will be able to find the room to grow in those competitive markets. Like the human beings who control them, avatars will have limited time, opportunities, and energy to engage with brands. Companies that hope to prosper in the VucoWorlds metaverse tomorrow should explore its frontiers today, and plant their stakes before there are no virtual worlds left to conquer. To buy land in VucoWorld make sure and register at www.vucoworld.com.

І на десерт – ексклюзивна пропозиція від VucoWorld! Готові?


December 30 we start buying property. 17 days to go before we start claiming Digital land parcels. Contracts Closing, Investors exchanging Tokens for free trading VucoCoin to buy land. 

Many great changes in opportunities for new investors for land parcels. A plethora of new information about VucoWorld and the many districts and City’s VucoWorld is just a level above the existing worlds with lots of details and so much more potential. 

Morgan Stanley says 8 trillion this year for the META. I personally believe it will be more as this will become part of every persons life on Planet earth. Everything is changing including decentralized banking inside VucoWorld.  Dont be late it is time to be part of a world moving event. Get your spot and register now at www.vucoworld.com. Look at this links and see to new world called VucoWorld!


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