It has long been feasible for digital avatars to develop jobs and earn money. Disney, Nike, and Gucci are among the major companies vying for a presence on today’s metaverse platforms.

Digital characters such as Lil Miquela, the first computer-generated social influencer (with a 3.1 million Instagram following), brought the concept into the mainstream. In 2020, the avatar is expected to produce $10 million to $12 million in revenue for its developers through sponsored marketing with sponsors.

Catherine Allen, CEO of immersive technology research consultancy Limina Immersive, agrees that NFT avatars will initially be used in entertainment in the metaverse, like mascots for e-sports matches or musicians hosting their own shows. Companies like Encore have set up platforms whereby musicians can perform in the metaverse via augmented reality (AR) and earn income from AR-backed virtual gigs, says Allen.

Genies, an avatar agency founded in 2016, has “represented celebrity avatars for years. Last month, it announced that its avatar NFT marketplace—which allows users to create their own avatars and customize them with NFT accessories—was open to everyone, and that all creators will have full ownership of their avatar with commercialization rights to use how they like. This is a good indication of what we might expect to see in the future, with people keeping control and ownership of their avatars but firms providing services to help them generate money.

Today, companies are letting individuals create and own avatars that can apply for jobs and build careers in the metaverse—and earn real money for their owners.

Keeping up with the trend, Vuco World, established in Dubai, promises to launch thousands of avatar non-fungible tokens (NFTs) developed on the Ethereum blockchain in 2022. Each user may pitch their NFT avatar for roles in virtual fashion shows, music videos, and animated programs.

Vuco World’s avatars is visioned to operate much like humans in the real world: They can watch movies, start families, purchase property, buy and sell goods, get jobs and earn money. The game also includes a functioning economy, with its own currency that can be bought with and sold for fiat currency.

When an avatar is cast in a show or video, its owner receives a portion of the revenue via Vuco Coins, which can be swapped for other digital assets like lands, or other NFT masterpieces through a decentralized exchange.

Vuco World is purposed to create an NFT project that serves as a passive-income generating asset for its owners, rather than a piece of digital art that has “no lifecycle following purchase, other than to sit and hopefully acquire value.

Vuco World will soon let you create, design, and use your own avatar in the metaverse!

Vuco Land Metaverse is where the work gets done: our avatars undertake the tedious tasks in the virtual world – purchasing a new fridge, negotiating a contract – while we concentrate on what counts in the real world.

It would not require physical existence and would be able to recreate your speech and physical attributes before entering Vuco World. These attributes will arrange a new electricity deal, shop for clothing, schedule a plumber, and so on.

Create your own avatar in these easy steps!

First thing is to go to our website: WWW.VUCOWORLD.COM , and click “Vuco World” heading and choose “Make Your Avatar“.

Let’s start creating a digital you!

A full face avatar or a full body one? It’s up to you!

Vuco World is gender-friendly! Customize the gender you prefer without discrimination, because the goal is to become who you REALLY are in the digital world!

Whether you like to incorporate your real-world face or create a new version of you, your call! The metaverse is a world where you can create an extension of your life or create another one far different from what you have in the physical life!


Customize your avatar with wide range of options offered by Vuco World. From hair color to eyebrow shape to beards to outfits, your decision. And oh, you can add hats and glasses too!

Now, your avatar is ready and your metaverse journey has officially started! Welcome to Vuco World and we are honored to be part of your first step in this amazing world!

As you enter Vuco World, you’ll get a chance to use our world-class amenities, experience the new era of luxury and unlock crazy opportunities!

Explore your world now:

Today’s hyper-social and influencer-friendly world means that people using online avatars to make money could grow—in particular, using such avatars to work as online influencers to generate passive income.

Such case, online avatars may fully replace in-person interactions. Experts predict that in the next few years, the upper- and middle-income people in their late 20s and 30s will become the primary buyers and drivers of avatar NFTs.


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